Web-service calls from LTE Beacon to custom server

How to send the scanned data from LTE beacon to our own server. any smaple snippet that will helps a lot.

You will need to create an IoT App that has an Micro-app that will scan BLE packets and send them to the Cloud. Then in the Cloud Code section of your IoT App you can redirect this data to your servers.
You can find a plenty of code snippets on https://developer.estimote.com/.
About scanning in Micro-Apps: https://developer.estimote.com/lte-beacon/using-bluetooth/
About sending data to own servers using Cloud Code: https://developer.estimote.com/lte-beacon/cloud-code-and-apis/

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I done the same thing but i don’t want to scan all beacons, i have filter the beacons which are in cloud. How to get beacons from the our cloud.

Can I make API calls in Micro App, not in cloud code.

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Can make api calls in micro app for LTE Beacon?

LTE Beacons only talks to Estimote Cloud, there’s no option to make network requests to other servers.

As Pober mentioned, you can have a cloud function in Estimote Cloud that’ll “redirect” the events from the LTE Beacon to your own server.

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i am getting storage errors; how do i clear the cloud storage after sending the packet to my own server?


The storage errors are probably on the beacon itself. This happens if you queue so many events that the beacon runs out of flash storage. sync.now() flushes the queue.

How can we clear the data in cloud, of the micro app after I sync the our own server?

This server is used for development and testing, and allows the use of Developer Kits.