Use Different Mobile Network for LTE Beacons Developer Kit

Can you use a different LTE Network provide after the free 2 months subscription ?

If for some reason our built-in SIM doesn’t work for you, or you already have your own LTE-M/NB-IoT contract/partnership, or just need to use a different network that we and our partners provide—yes, you can swap the SIM card for a different one. (Although for larger/production deployments we’d prefer if you talk to us first, so that we can agree on the level of support that Estimote can provide, since you’re not using our own/approved network/partner.)

Regardless of which SIM/network you end up using, you still need an active Estimote Cloud subscription to keep the LTE Beacon connected. That’s because the cloud connectivity in the LTE Beacon is designed around an events/message-passing system that goes through Estimote Cloud. We expect to talk more about that soon in another blog post that we’re preparing, which is going to dive deeper into the architecture of the LTE Beacon and micro-apps.

can i use a custom events/message system, say i implement mine with either AWS, Azure, GCP or PubNub.

That’s not something we envision for the LTE Beacon at this time.

Do you also have LTE Partners in Africa as well?

Hi piotr, do you mean we must have an estimote cloud
Subscription To use LTE improvment. Its very important for us to know that.

This is very important and in my opinion its going to be appealing if its not bound to the estimote cloud but provides and option to use other compatible service or building of your own service. This would be keep for its massive adoption.

At this time, Estimote Cloud subscription is indeed a requirement to use the LTE features.

I’ve been doing more testing with the LTE beacons running 0.1.8 firmware and am blocked.
I’d like to set the beacon to use NB IoT and also set the APN (using my own SIM)

I can not find the API docs for 0.1.8 (the estimote website only goes up to 0.1.5 )

From the IDE, the IoT App ‘Cell Radio Config’ implies I should do this:


However, the 0.1.5 docs says lte call has been changed to modem and setTech is not documented.

How do I set these params ? and where is the documentation for the most recent API (0.1.8)

It is depend on the network provider, if they able to provide different network connection then it is possible.