Monitoring takes much time to happen

I am making an app which can track attendance of employees in office, there are 3 gates of office.
I have planned to put Location beacons at entrance of each gate.
I am using Android SDK and iBeacon as Packet and trying to monitor these beacons.
I have reduced the broadcasting power to -40 db to reduce the region to ~1 metre.
But It takes much time to monitor the beacon enter event. No one is going to stop at gate for approx 1 minute happen event.
Is there any setting which I am missing.

By default, our Android SDK enter/exit monitoring works in cycles of: scan for 10 seconds, then go to sleep for 30 seconds, then scan again, etc. This is to conserve the battery. If you require something much more responsive, you can use the setBackgroundScanPeriod to adjust this, e.g., change the pause time from 30 seconds to 0.

Alternatively, I would recommend considering a different approach—instead of detecting people passing through some very specific spots, put beacons with longer range in common areas, and track people dwelling in these areas. This allows for longer detection times, which should make your implementation more reliable.