The beacons occaisionally stop ranging for 5-7 seconds

Hi, I'm developing an application for Android in which it is important to count how many times the user entered/left a beacon range, and I've noticed that sometimes it can't find any of the beacons (I have 3) that are definitelly in range for like 5-7 seconds, and then they appear. The beacons are set to range with interval of 1 second. And that's not only in my app - the same occurs when I use official Estimote apps. Is it a problem with beacons themself or with application? How can I solve it?

I understand that you are using monitoring APIs for your case.

See docs on setting background interval periods:, long)

and info about monitoring on :

Monitoring is designed to perform periodic scans in the background. By default it scans for 5 seconds and sleeps 25 seconds. That means that it can take by default up to 30 seconds to detect entering or exiting a region. Default behaviour can be changed via BeaconManager#setBackgroundScanPeriod.