Monitoring Issue on Android


I’m using three beacons from Developer Kit.
Broadcasting Power is set to -30 dBm. (~1.5m)
Advertising intervall is 1050 ms.

BeaconManager settings:

all regions and a MonitorListener are initialized.
Monitoring is started.

Three beacons are placed in different room far away from each other.
But, if I enter or leave a room, the onEnterRegion or on ExitRegion events happen/ are triggered sometimes after 10-30 seconds.

I’m developing on two smartphones:

  1. Ruggear RG730 with Android 5.1
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with Android 6.01

The problem occurs on both smartphones.

Problem solved.

I turn off iBeacon Mode and turned on Eddystone UID Mode.
Then I used EddystoneListener.
onEddystoneFound-Event works perfect.

Hmmmm … I’m facing the same issue on my HTC one m7.

I’ll try your approach.

Does anyone know why the tutorial for android uses ibeacon instead of eddystone?

One would assume eddystone is more compatible with android than ibeacon since eddystone is made by Google (hope I’m not wrong about this).