Delay in monitoring and ranging

Hi, I am trying to demonstrate beacon monitoring in background and ranging in foreground in a activity in Android by using three estimote beacons. All beacons have advertising interval set to 100ms and broadcasting power to -30dbm(want to demonstrate on small area).

I am experiencing delays in recognizing beacons.
I am using same major id (17463) for all the beacons and Region with that major id is used both in foreground and background.
private static final Region BEACONS_REGION = new Region("regionId",
null, 17463, null);

below is the monitoring scanperiod done in background service
beaconManager.setBackgroundScanPeriod(10000, 1000);
Below is foreground scan period in activity in foreground
beaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod(1000, 0);

Is there any issue in this setting. If not, why are we experiencing delay of upto 5sec at time for detecting range or beacon entry.


Just correction. Its not delay of 5 sec but its taking 30-40 sec or even above 1 minute at times

Hi there,

That's weird. Are you experiencing delays with ranging or monitoring? If monitoring, enters or exits? Can you also let me know your Android device and Android OS version?


Its Nexus 4 and Android version is 5.0.1