Mess with my Beacons

What if someone "anyone" has the Estimote app, pass by my shop and mess with my Beacons settings??? is that possible? how to prevent that.

Hi there,

If you change the UUID of your Beacons, they will be longer detected in the Estimote app. Also, we're working on a security update, to make sure that unauthorized access to Beacons is impossible.



What's your ETA on your authentication mechanism?

We're about to launch a mission critical app using Estimote beacons and don't want anyone changing our beacon settings using the Estimote app, BLExplr, Estimote Editor etc.

Hi Shahzad,

First mechanis for preventing unauthorized access - week, maybe 2, and then regular updates to make it more secure.


Hi Wojtek,

I just got my estimote and try some of it's API, I found that if I use startRangingBeaconsInRegion: it will not discover estimote beacon with different UUID, but once I use startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion:, even I put different region into it, all of my beacons was detected, I even able to change the UUID of my beacon. Are there any workaround for this?

I notice in other thread that authentication method is currently developed, hope this will be released soon.

Hi Ritchie,

The first update for preventing unauthorized access is almost there, stay tuned a couple of days more :) Also, startEstimoteBeaconsDiscovery method allows you to detect Beacons and reset them if you've forgotten the UUID, that's why it's possible to detect all of them. It's also explained here: