Just added security now some of my beacons are missing

I transferred some beacons from one email to the main one.
Now they do not show in my app.

I switched to using the ESTSecureManager and now I get my original 3 but the remaining 9 are missing.
Interestingly the Estimote App from iTunes lists all the beacons but cannot configure/update the transferred beacons x 9.

The example app which uses an older API has no problem listing them all. Confused.
It can list but cannot connect to the 9 newer devices which I transferred.

Answered my own question.

I removed the Secure UUID for all the beacons using the cloud manager.
Updated the firmware to the latest version on each beacon using the Estimote App.
Added Secure UUID back with the cloud manager.
Used the Estimote app to sync the beacons.

Done. They are fully accessible again.

Ha, interesting. Glad you managed to resolve it!

You mind if we backtrack a little to figure out what could be the problem, and hopefully improve on that? You had 3 beacons on your main account, 9 beacons on another account, transferred the 9 and they stopped being detected in your own app, but not in the Estimote app and Examples? Is that correct? Did all 9 of them had Secure UUID enabled?

Hi Heypiotr,

Apologies for the delay in responding.

  1. Correct. Estimote and Example app worked and showed all the devices.
  2. When 3 were visible and 6 were not I enabled Secure UUID.
    This did not change the number visible to my app.
    I then updated the firmware via Estimote App.
    Disabled security via Estimote App ( first enabled prior to updating the firmware).
    Enabled security again.