Estimote Beacon Connect Password


I'm trying to set password to my estimote iBeacons. The reason to that i dont want any body come with sample app and change my UUID, major and minor values. How can i secure my UUID, major and minor values.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gokhan,

We're currently working on implementing authentication and first security layers into our SDK. Soon we'll be beta-testing those solutions and evaluating the first feedback. Then we'll follow-up with a public release. If you want to know details on the beta, please drop me a line: wojtek[at]estimote


Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for your reply. So what's the best practice for making beacons more secure until you implementing the security layer. I think, i can change the UUID value and eleminate the default Estimote UUID scanners. But this value can also be detected. I also want to know that is it possible to order some beacons with my desired UUID, major and minor values.


Hi there,

At this point, it's not possible to order Beacons with UUID different than the fixed one we provide. You can, however, easily change it with our SDK (more info here: If you want it to be more secure, you can try implementing a rotating UUID.

We will release our update soon :)


I know this is a "hot" topic being discussed and related to all beacon manufacturers. Would a physical switch or a "tap" on the sensor be an alternative to firmware/software solution in the future? The sensor could go "read+write" mode after tapping a few times or touching something.

Hi Ricardo,

Sorry for being so late with the answer, the questions somehow slipped under my radar. Anyway, it's probably worth giving it a thought, but such a solution isn't on our roadmap right now. However, we're encouraging all kinds of hacking and tinkering with our technology, so if someone implements such a feature, we'd love to see how it works :)


Hi Wojtek,

We totally support the open factor. It would take someone with lots of free time and strong will just to just to change someone else's beacon settings.

Maybe in a different (enterprise?) product series in the future, it could be interesting to have.



We're definitely introducing a security layer with authentication in our software in a couple of weeks. But physical methods (button, shake) are currently not in the plans - though developers can build something like that themselves, since accelerometer data is already part of our SDK :)


Is there any good news about the firmware update

Please stay tuned for just a little longer!

Hi !

Any news about securized configuration of the beacon ? We are thinking about equipping an entire mall and want to avoid unwanted reconfiguration by non authorized third-party.

Thank you for your answer,


Hi Laurent,

Good news! Security layer is already implemented - in iOS app you need to log in to the beacon to connect and change any settings. If you need more information please write me directly aga [at] I will be more then happy to help!


Btw. you can read more about security and cloud authentication on our blog:

Great, thank you for that nice answer.

Always happy to help :)