Beacons not detected on iOS app

For a few days I working with Estimote Beacons but today morning my App (not Estimate App) stopped detecting beacons. I tried update firmware to A3.2.0 but it didn’t help.

I use Xcode 7.1 and iOS 9.1 SDK

Does the Estimote app still detect your beacon?

Yes Estimate App detect all. At the moment only one beacon is detected by my iOS app.
Android app still work correctly.

Are you using monitoring or ranging? Can you double-check the UUIDs, majors, and minors?

I use monitoring.
All uuid, major and minor are correct . Yesterday evening the iOS app works correctly , but today morning all go down .

And how do you test? Do you use Flip to Sleep? Or just go out of range and then back in? Keep in mind that if you start your app with the beacon already in range, no “enter” event will be delivered. Can you implement the didDeteremineState delegate, and some logging to it, and see what it says?

Yes I use “sleep to fit” mode.
I try to implement didDetermineState method and this is what they say:

CLRegionState for region: CLBeaconRegion (identifier:‘Beacon3’, uuid:<__NSConcreteUUID 0x16d73580> B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D, major:55977, minor:7808)
and it works only for one beacon (mint). Rest of all not produce this method.

Are you sure you’re starting monitoring for the other beacons then? This delegate should always be called for every single beacon being monitored, upon starting monitoring.

Ok, it is my fault. The beacon identifier was the same in each beacon because of error in code.
It is possible to identity beacon having only UUID?

If you only put the UUID into CLBeaconRegion (i.e., use the initWithProximityUUID:identifier: initializer), it’ll work as a “wildcard” that matches all the beacons with that UUID. In other words, it’ll trigger an “enter” event when you go in range of any beacon with that UUID, and an “exit” event when there are no matching beacons in range anymore.