Mesh networks to make proximity estimation more accurate

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has utilised a mesh network to improve the accuracy of positioning and distance measurement.

We know that the nature of Bluetooth makes it susceptible to fluctuating signal strength and is also affected by physical obstacles.

By using nodes at at set distance (and orientation) from a phone, are we able to use the nodes as the receiver and in turn extrapolate the distance from the phone??

Hope this makes sense :wink:

I do not know about mesh networks. However, I saw some examples where a beacon (sender) was moving and phones / other devices where used as receivers. Pretty much the other way around than the ordinary setup. Kind of like this idea: It could be a start of a mesh network.

Our Indoor Location is kinda doing it, but the other way around: it takes signal from multiple beacons & applies a lot of our secret sauce to determine your position inside a location. So instead of a mesh of beacons-acting-as-receivers that determine the position of the phone, you have the phone-acting-as-receiver, getting signal from multiple beacons, and moving forward from there.