Distance is not accurate

Hi Team,

I am using 3 Beacons to check position inside a room.
Placed 3 beacons with 1m distance each.

Used beaconManager.startRanging() API for detecting the buttons.

Received setRangingListener() call back and got the range (Using RegionUtils.computeAccuracy(beacons.get(i)); API) of each buttons.

Target device and buttons are placed in the fixed place. But the range varies from time to time.
Sometimes nearest beacon shows large value for range.

I used Android wear as target device. Is it possible to get the accurate distance between target device and beacon.


Please share your comments.

Distance is estimated using received signal strength (RSSI). Knowing the transmit power you can more or less try to calculate the distance. However due to nature of radio waves some packets might get reflected and get received with lower RSSI. This may result in varying distance. Also obstacles might attenuate signal giving more false readings. You need to consider also interference from other radio sources.

Hi Team,

I tested using Android O-Pixel phone and Android L-Vivo phone.
There is huge difference in Accuracy. It seems that Android L is more accurate when compared to Android O.

I am using estimote:sdk:1.0.15.
Is there any dependancy with Android version for the support of estimote:sdk ?


Minimum Android SDK level is 9, target version is 25. You can use Bluetooth LE from SDK level 18.