Accuracy Distance

Hi, how can I get accurate distance of beacon? thanks

I have done extensive testing on beacons and there really is not accurate way of doing it, You can create an algorithm that will eliminate the noise and bounce of the RSSI.

Hi, how can I eliminate the noise and bounce of the RSSI?. Could you give me sample code for that? Thanks

Without some really sophisticated algorithms (e.g., our Indoor Location technology—sadly, not yet available on Android), you should assume beacons can’t provide accurate distance estimations at all. Think about beacons in terms of a simple “in range” and “outside range”, and “is one beacon’s signal significantly stronger than others? if yes, then I’m probably closest to that beacon”.

What app are you trying to build and do you want to utilize the distance estimations? Maybe we’ll be able to suggest some alternative implementation.

Here is one way to smooth the RSSI, take time period of RSSI signals and remove the top 10% and the bottom 10% and average the rest that will give you a more accurate RSSI. This is just one simple way of doing it, other would be involving the standard deviation and me mean of the RSSI. I have played with 6 different ways of doing it.

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I would also like to add if a beacon would transmit a time stamp in nano seconds and not a RSSI would could then calculate distance much more accurately.

I’m currently making an app for museum. I have a problem for detection of beacon sometimes it detects the other beacon instead the closest one.

This can sometimes happen if there’s a temporary spike in the other beacon’s signal. But if should only ever happen for a short while, so it should be easy to filter it out.

can you advise in how to filter it?

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