Combined transmit/scan functionality and mesh networking

Are these the only beacons that can both transmit and scan for BLE signals?

  • UWB Location Beacons
  • LTE Beacons

@heypiotr mentioned in another post:

For example, our Location Beacons with UWB do have an experimental “mode” where they can scan for other beacons nearby, and report that over mesh to a central gateway, for asset tracking purposes.

And what is the list of all Beacons that are capable of reporting over a mesh network?

Can we get access to features enabled by mesh networking through any SDK or the Estimote Cloud API?

Very broadly speaking, all of our beacons are just programmable mini-computers, so we can make any of them scan for other Bluetooth devices, via our firmware.

We’ve experimented with that in the Location Beacons first, but the problem we’ve run into is … every use case is differently, and we found it difficult to make something generic enough that’d serve everybody.

… and this is also why, at a company-wide strategy retreat some time ago, the idea of a programmable beacon was born … and now we have the LTE Beacon with the micro-apps (:

This also means that the “Location Beacons scanning for other beacons” project has been put on hold, because we believe that the LTE Beacon serves this purpose better with its direct connection to Estimote Cloud, instead of having to go through a complex mesh network setup to some gateway and then to Estimote Cloud. We may or may not come back to this idea in the future.

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