Determining order of beacons in mesh network

In a mesh network of location beacons, is it possible to order the beacons by distance from the smartphone? In other words, sort the ID of beacons from nearest to farthest in a large mesh. And update the ordering if beacons are moved around.

Can computeAccuracy() or computeProximity() be used to do this? Or do they only work when the beacon is directly within range of the smartphone (mesh doesn’t help)?

At this time, it’s just for beacons that are directly in range.

What’d you want to use the distance to all the beacons in a mesh network for? Some asset tracking solution?

Kind of a reverse beacon solution, actually. I’d like to be able to have the beacons control external components (via GPIO pins) in adjustable patterns. For example, set a GPIO pin high on all the beacons starting from the nearest and gradually working to the farthest (or the other way around).