Managing stolen beacons

I want to develop an app to big audience, so I need certain amount of beacons in the building. It supposes that the app should have configured the list of beacons but, what if some beacons is stolen? I should replace it, reconfigure the app and publish another version in google play / app market?
Which should be the best practice in this case? Thanks in advance!

Hi Jose,

Great question! Right now, in case you somehow lose the beacons that were deployed, you should set up new beacons and replace the old ones. You also need your app to be monitoring for the new beacons, so you'll have to redeploy the application (unless you build a mechanism to update region monitoring without redeploying the app).

We're working to address this and make to process much simpler. In the near future we'll add a solution to Estimote Cloud to allow easy replacing beacons in case they were lost or stolen. Stay tuned :)