LTE-M Beacon firmware version 0.1.20 deploying now?


Is LTE-M Beacon firmware version 0.1.20 being deployed now or soon? I’d love to see some description of the improvements and/or bug fixes in the latest release, and of course try out the new Data Preview feature in the Web IDE.

Hi! Thank you for bringing this question up.

Data Preview is available since firmware 0.1.10. The information about 0.1.20 was a typo. You can start experimenting with Data Preview today. We would be glad if you share your feedback with us.

Here is the micro-app reference of the new preview method

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Hello, I have updated one of my LTE-M Beacons to firmware version 0.1.10 and successfully tested the preview feature by programming a “very long” button press handler to “send” our existing data via the preview() function rather than calling sync(). The appeared in the Data Preview tab - both the graph and table views worked.
My JSON data document contains many values which is too much for the chart and table views to be used effectively - I will now investigate sending a subset of our data when using the preview function, and also the Custom View functionality, which looks to be very flexible.

Preview is a great feature to help me view and adjust settings on the devices as they’re being deployed, for instance to fine-tune the accelerometer sensitivity and range, and also to verify the orientation of the device when mounted is correct, verifying bluetooth communication with other devices, and so on.

Using this feature will save sending many non-valuable ‘calibration’ messages over LTE-M and of course save battery usage.