LTE Beacon seemingly stuck on old firmware

I need some help with 2 LTE beacons that I have.
They have been sitting in the box for a long time with (apparently) depleted batteries. I have let them charge overnight and done the manual “force-sync” (hold top/side buttons) a couple of times now without much luck.
Therefore, the firmware is still on 0.0.11.

I realize this firmware is old but I cannot seem to force a firmware update even after syncing with the cloud.
I know the sync succeeds because I can see the update reflected in the Estimote Cloud portal. However, no firmware updates are ever downloaded. I have tried everything that I found online, including deploying a micro-app to the beacon that had error handling wrapped around a force-sync triggered by pressing the function button… and nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of what I might be able to try?
There has been so much functionality introduced AFTER 0.0.11 so I’m pretty constricted until I can get the devices’ firmware upgraded.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Alex

furthermore, calling

results in an err 500 Internal Server Error… I’m guessing this could be linked to why my device cannot get a firmware update.

  • Alex