LTE-M Beacon firmware 0.1.9 version release notes?

Hello, I am seeing some of my LTE-M Beacons update their firmware from revision 0.1.8 to 0.1.9 - are there any ‘release notes’ available to describe what changes and/or improvements are in this new firmware revision?


Yes, this one is new update. Congratulation.

May i ask you something on this? can i.

Changelog for version 0.1.9

  • Counting timer: timers.count
  • timers.count and timers.single can return promise at the end timers.count(...).end().then(...)
  • Fixed getCells failing after RAT change
  • More information in modem.getStatus()
  • Turned off data compressions that prevented data upload on some cellular networks

I hope this helps

Just what I needed, worked a treat, thank you! official site