LTE beacons - Sat idle for months - now not detectable

I have 6 LTE beacons that we have had in storage waiting to work on a proof of concept. I can’t detect any of the beacons to update them. It’s not clear if they are charging. I can press the day/week/month buttons on the beacons and they light up but I can’t connect to them with the web IDE or configure them with Estimote apps. Is there some reset I can do?

One beacon is running FW 0.0.11 according to its last sync and the other beacon is running 0.0.15

I found the instructions to Force Sync but my beacons don’t seem to behave this way. If I hold the side button nothing happens. If I press the side button I can cycle through the day/week/mnoth lights but I can’t reset the beacons as described here:

Force-sync : In some cases, you might need to do a force-sync, e.g. if you want to check your battery levels outside of your regular sync schedule (the beacons’ health status updates upon syncing). Here’s how to run a force-sync:

Press and hold the side button, the side diode will light up. Pressing the button once will stop the app.

Now press and hold both the side and main buttons for 10 seconds, starting with the side button. The beacon will force-sync. Wait for the LEDs to light up. This will take around 10 seconds.

The described procedure is for synchronizing beacons with the Cloud, not for reseting them.
If you really want to reset device you have to press and hold side button and then press main button 8 times. However this function was introduced in version 0.1.0 so you have to perform sync first to upgrade firmware (which also reboots the device):

  1. Press side button once so one of the side LEDs will light up. This will stop current app which may be interfering with proper synchronization (e.g. turning on airplane mode).
  2. Press and hold side button and then press main button until side LEDs will start blinking one by one. This should start after about 10s.
    Make sure beacon is charged (charge it for at least 2h), otherwise there might not be enough power to start modem and forced sync will end up so fast that LEDs blinking won’t be noticeable. Also make sure that you are in area with good LTE-M coverage. Note that pressing main button increases advertising power and decreases interval for 10s making device easier to detect.

LTE beacons always advertise connectivity packet that allows WebIDE to connect to them. You cannot switch it off. If you cannot detect your devices it might mean that one or more following things are happening:

  1. Device battery is empty
  2. Device has hardware failure
  3. Problems with BLE scanning device
    Spontaneous hardware failure is rather unlikely in all 6 devices in a row, unless it is caused by common external damaging factor. More likely are situations 1 and 3.

Above steps works in my case.