LTE-M Beacon stuck in forced upgrade mode - how to reset?

Hello, although the technique of pressing and holding both the top and side buttons for 10 seconds to force a request to update the device firmware has not resulted in any problems in the past, my LTE-M beacon device is now ‘stuck’ in this upgrade request mode for over a day, indicated by the day/month/year LEDs constantly lighting in sequence.
Unfortunately now I can no longer communicate with the device over Web Bluetooth using the Estimote IDE - the device no longer appears in the list of possible devices to connect to when clicking the “Connect to an LTE Beacon via Web Bluetooth” button in the Estimote IDE. I suspect the web bluetooth connectivity is disabled while the device is in this ‘request an firmware update’ mode.
The last-loaded micro-app on the device is still functioning properly - I have a variation of the ‘panic button’ template micro-app running, and can see through the Cloud Event Log in the Estimote IDE that the device can still connect and send a message.
So I am wondering how to resolve this issue - should I simply let the device’s battery run to zero percent which would hopefully force a reboot and possibly clear this issue? Or perhaps is there a related issue on the Estimote Cloud services ‘side’ that is ‘confusing’ this device?

My device’s Identifier is 89abebc74ac2268643da022bcef3602f - Thanks!

Good news! The device in question just successfully updated its firmware to firmware revision 0.1.2 - Please consider this issue closed.

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