Loyalty App Template example implementations - anyone want to share?


I am considering the Loyalty Template, does anyone have anything they would like to share, examples, etc.?

I would love it if the back-end would “just work” so I can “go to town” on front-end UI exploration with crazy graphics, animations, thought-control (just seeing if you are actually reading.)

Any and all input is appreciated, thanks!

thought-control (just seeing if you are actually reading.)

Nice try.

Well, I guess I’m biased, 'cause I’m from Estimote, but we designed the Loyalty template with a Firebase backend, and all of the networking calls are already baked in:

customer comes in => iPhone app makes a call via Firebase to the cashier’s iPad app
cashier grant the customer their points => iPad app makes a call via Firebase to the customer’s iPhone app

So it already cuts down a lot of work. It’s not entirely a “ready-made, packaged software” though—e.g., if you want to have a nice dashboard with all your customers and their points, or some reporting, better/more sophisticated than what’s already built into the Firebase console, then that’s some extra work to be done.

@heypiotr, thanks for the quick reply and details and busting me on my bad joke!:grinning: I completely see the value and hope that some people will proudly share their work here; I want to show samples to my partners.

Hi everybody,
We actually work on loyalty dashboard for our customer with many features. We 'll soon update this channel with our work

hi, you can use the tagpoint plataform for free if you have the developer serial number,

sign in at www.tagpoint.com.br after go to campaign and press developer button -> use serial db15xh

just put their uuid major and minor they offer in your beacon and done, the tagpoint app will detect your beacon, go to tagpoint app-> config -> beacon -> apropriate and done, return to plataform and start creating campaigns

tutorials at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGBSkG-wRnK6Dz-B8RutM2Q subtitles in english will help you

in my opinion is the best in the world , good luck!