Looking for App Developers for iOS & Android

Hi estimote - community,

we are looking for Developers which will work on the following project we are planning.

We are working on a project with an App that incorporates also the iBeacon technology and we would like to know if you could help with the development.

The app we want to develop will incorporate many functionalities other apps use with iBeacons but here it will included all in one. So users and companies dont need to have many different apps but just one.

The App should

  • support iBeacons (see roverlabs.co and bleesk.com)
  • Companies can subscribe (paid) and create a profile and in the back end they can set up their account, their campaigns, their geofence (iBeacons) in the actual stores and have the analytics of the usage
  • Advertising ability for companies. Set up campaigns, ads, budget etc.
  • Professional users can set up their eshop within the app or import the products via an xml feed.
  • Users can shop from all shops and their order will be put in ones hopping basket. Only one payment process.
  • Users can leave their credit card details and pay directly from with in the app without having to input them all the time
  • When being in a restaurant the user can order directly from the app and also pay directly the bill. Leave reviews. The restaurant can have customer infos such as when he visited last time, what he likes to order etc. (see wisely.com)
  • At hotels the user can get welcome messages when entering the room, users can through the app communicate with reception or room service and order something to eat or drink etc.
  • In shops the loyality card can be included in the app. Without needing to have the actual card with him all the time. (see shopkick.com). Payment at the desk via the app.
  • Users can use the app for free but need to sign up. Sign up also via Twitter / Facebook / Gmail
  • have social network capabilities
  • create profile
  • post comments, pictures, videos
  • interact with friends

Can you help us with this project? Then send us a message!

We are open for any suggestions.



Hi Nikos,

I am Ilya, the Business Development Manager from Space-O Technologies, LLC.

Thanks for sharing short list of your project details.

To tell you more about us:

We specialize in Professional outsource development of Native mobile apps for iOS and Android since 2008. We can handle development for ALL Apple products: iOS/MacOS/watchOS/tvOS/ - So we can develop any kind of Native and Universal app with strictly according to Apple Guidelines. We also have unique and extensive expertise in Hardware development of custom BLE4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) powered smart devices, Beacons and related solutions, including PCB design and manufacturing.

Here you can check some Interesting cases:

  1. We have extensive experience in development of Beacon related systems:
  • Uncorkd: https://uncorkd.biz - we are developing the iPad Menu solution for restaurants for years already. Within the project, we have been requested to develop private anti-theft iBeacon-based system that checks that visitors don’t try to leave restaurant with iPad in their pockets - specifically, the iPad device start alarm if it left restaurant area which controlled by Estimote beacon devices.

  • Spot: Now we are working on system for parking places which help users to find free parking lots nearby and order them. Here you can review some very rough initial wireframes: http://bit.ly/1Eh7eat

  1. Successfully working with novice startups which achieve great results with our help:
  • Glovo: https://glovoapp.com - delivery service (as Uber) for Barcelona, Spain, which provide users with ability to order delivery of anything to anywhere, for example: KFC or any other fast food restaurant has no delivery, but with the usage of Glovo, their courier can deliver what you want to your apartments.The startup recently got investments of 2 million USD.

  • Sweetpeameals: http://sweetpeameals.com/ - American service which help users to find tasty home cooking nearby them.

  • Blank: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blank-messenger/id1030392593 - Social app which allow users to create short 30 seconds videos and replace audio at them with the custom or self-made sounds. The strong scalable backend which can withstand the high load of the millions users.

  1. Our strongest side that moreover software development of Mobile apps we also do Hardware development of custom smart devices and related solutions:
  • Shot Stats: http://shot-stats.com - here we handle all development stages including PCB design, Firmware development, Mobile apps and Server backend. The Shot Stats device communicates with mobile apps via Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol.

  • Tempi: http://mytempi.com/ - here we handle firmware and mobile app development for the Tempi device, including PCB design from scratch. Tempi device communicates with mobile apps via Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol.

  • HyperVibe: https://www.hypervibe.com/au/Hypervibe-G10-mini.php - here we handle Bluetooth protocol design and mobile app development for HyperVibe fitness vibration machine, including regular Business Analysis for a development of new ideas for product features.


  • We can handle development for all Apple products: iOS/MacOS/watchOS/tvOS - so we can develop any kind of Native and Universal app which will strongly comply with Apple Guidelines.
  • We have all devices working on technologies listed above on hands (for testing) + Google Glass

You have a nice idea and we really want to help you with development.
The main thing the this project exactly at the sphere of our interests and expertise. The project itself is very complex and have a lot of requirements. For now we have only rough estimations in mind, as well as a lot of questions.

I want to schedule short Skype conversation with you and discuss your project together in more details, it will help us with estimation and start the project development faster. Which time is preferable to you?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ilya Surinsky
Business Development Manager | Space-O Technologies
Skype: cblrok90
Mob: +7 952 882 3762

Dear Ilya,

thank you very much for your reply.

I have taken a look at your company website and the projects you have there seem pretty interesting,

They main idea would be to start with the main features of the app and then build on it as it progresses.

Where are you actually located?

I would be available tomorrow from 10:00 - 14:00 Eastern European Time


Nikolaos Kallinikidis

Hi again Nikolaos,

Thanks for your interest, it’s appreciated.

You are right, this is the common way for such huge projects to start development from building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

We are located at West Siberia, Tomsk, Russia. Our company taking a part at an international group of companies named Space-O (which also includes the Indian company Space-O Infoweb Pvt), but with the Indians colleagues we work only in terms of sales and marketing - in these fields they are stronger than us. In the same time, we have a purely Russian development and delivery with correspondingly High quality.

Kindly check your available timeframes according to our time zones here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=1489425,13&h=1489425&date=2016-1-15&sln=14-17

I confirm that we can have a call during these hours, you are welcome.

Be free to add me in Skype to be in touch, my ID is: cblrok90

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Best regards,

Hello Nikos ,

I hope you are doing great, I have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once the ibeacon is detected. I have worked with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal, Kontakt.io, Chinese ibeacons. I have developed following categories of applications that involves ibeacon detection as the key functionality:

  • ibeacon detection for restaurant application to push the various offers.
  • ibeacon detection in offices to detect and calculate the waiting time of the visitors in the office.

I have developed the application having following capabilities using ibeacons:

  1. Beacon monitoring and detection
  2. Beacon registration with user registration
  3. Location capturing
  4. Google or Apple Map integration to display location on map
  5. Ability to write generic beacon detection module that detects all types of beacons.
  6. Beacon detection in background mode
  7. Trigger notifications and actions as defined for the detection.

I also have good knowledge of asynchronous programming, background tasks, NSThread, caching, HTTP and socket connection network programming, image processing, push notifications, in app purchase, human interface guidelines for iOS/Android apps and app store publication.

Following is the link of the app that i developed recently that works with estimote beacons:



Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Roxle. Download Roxle and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Following are some categories of applications that i have done :

Medical and healthcare applications
Bluetooth connectivity and BLE enabled apps
Image processing, editor, makeup and makeover apps
Location based and GPS enabled applications
E-commerce apps - Resaurant apps, food ordering, delivery tracking, online shopping apps
Augmented reality apps
Video editor
Social networking, Photo sharing and applications similar to instagram and facebook
Chat/Instant messaging applications, text chat, audio calling, VOIP, SIP
Utility applications
Point of sale and service applications for B2B customers.
I can take care on all project scope like: Frontend, backend, Android & iOS.

you can catch me at:


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Hello Nikos,

Pleasure to meet you here. I am Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development company. We specialize in iBeacon app development. We have some great experience.

The good news is that we have developed a similar concept to what you are looking to get developed. Please look into www.tag2m.com. This concept is for the retailers and they can create campaigns about their offerings, run ads etc.

TAG is a project from US based client which we have successfully completed and live. The portal will be used by the retailers which they can subscribe to annual or monthly packages. Thereafter they will be provided with the dashboard from where they can create campaigns and associate respective beacons to these campaigns.

The apps will be used by normal users like us. Whenever a user visits this retail outlet where beacon are placed, they will start receiving offers from the beacons in that store.

The best things is it works in background. If the app is just installed, you will still get the notifications.

We can talk more about this when we meet online.

Please add me to skype: whitelotuscorp
Email: kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com


Kirtan Thaker

Hi Nikos,

Nice to meet you hear!

We are happy to say that we have implemented many beacon based solutions for various industries and we have a rich experience on mobile technology whether it is Native android/iOS or cross-platform technology. We have implemented some beacon based solutions including back-end to manage the beacons, campaigns and notifications. We recently did projects for Bosch Next, ShopperTrak etc.

Feel free to visit our beacon marketing platform : http://www.softwebsmartretail.com/

Please share your requirement so that we can analyse it and proceed further. For your reference my email: naren@softwebsolutions.com

Best Regards,

Naren Patidar | Enterprise Solutions Consultant
Softweb Solutions Inc., Chicago, IL
Email: naren@softwebsolutions.com
Skype: narendra.softweb


Contus is one of the best mobile app development companies in the industry. Contus, with an experience of 9+ years develops apps for businesses of any size and any type. Their expertise in mobile app development is greater to an extent where they excel in many areas such as

  • Augmented reality
  • wearable technology
  • Messaging solution
  • Video solution
  • Mobile commerce
  • Geo-location
  • On-demand delivery
  • IoT
    I would suggest you to get in touch with their expert team for further assistance.

Mobile Platform displays both a unique opportunity and a different challenge. The opportunity is in development of games, general utility applications, and business applications that reach out to millions of users eager to tap into companies’ products and services. From the next-Gen HTML5 development, iBeacon apps, apple watch applications to providing eCommerce solutions and open source content management systems.

Let’s have a look at some of top Mobile App Development Companies across the World.

  1. 360 Technosoft
  2. Nex Mobility
  3. Hiddenbrains
  4. Appclues Infotech


The NineHertz provides the complete platform for building iPhone apps, Android apps and iPad apps. Along with app development, we are expert enough in open source development, Android Application Development, e-commerce websites and web designing.

Hi Nikos,

We are mobile app development company based in India with specialization in beacon technology.

We have expertise in leveraging beacon technology and we can surely help you achieve your goal.

Recently we worked with a Dubai based event company for their beacon based location finder app

Please contact us with more requirements about your project and we can take forward our discussion about the cost part.

Mail us at info@techware.co.in

web: https://www.techware.co.in/beacon.php

Look forward to hearing from you.

Team Techware

Hello Nikos,

Pleasure meeting you here.

I 'm Kirtan Thaker from Whitelotus Corporation. We are mobile app development agency with specialization in iBeacon technology.

We have very good experience in leveraging this technology and we can surely help you achieve your goal to develop an app as required.

We have developed our own product which is quite similar to what you have asked.

It’s called SPOTNIFY (www.spotnify.com ) which is Hyperlocal engagement platform that help connects all the spots like retail, museums, libraries, restaurants, cafes, public places, tourist spots to engage with their audience.

The Spotnify dashboard helps these spot owners to run their campaigns. I can give you more details about it as well as demo if we can meet online. I think its quite similar to what you have been asking to get developed

If the position is still open, then could you please allow us to place our proposal? We are interested to team up with you.

Please contact me with more details about your project and we can take forward our discussion .

Skype: whitelotuscorp

email: kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirtanthaker/

Look forward to hear from you.


Hello Nikos,

If you are still in the search process I would recommend a good development company - https://steelkiwi.com/. To make a long story short they can save a lot of your money simply because they are the best

Hi Nikos,
This is arjun form magiva technologies. I hope you got this app. Hereafter if you want any mobile app check out our company. We are one the best ios & android app development company in India

You can get professional help from Ukrainian remote developers if you’d like to.
This way, you would get it done by experienced specialists and at lowe rates than if you’d hire a local team. Before making a decision, check this out:

Hello Nikos, I went down to the job post and found it exactly in terms of my interest as we have recently finished a similar application which is live in Play/App store, the application is having the same concept like there will be users who are using the application and the store owners are using the web dashboard with almost all the features that you are looking for, like the users can find nearby stores, can get notifications via Ibeacons installed at the stores, can purchase for the store and on the other hand the store owners can configure iBeacons, can get daily reports for the different sections of the stores, can get users data etc.

Please do have a look at the below link and review it so that you can have an idea

abvout our expertise:
Hoop App:

I do have following queries based on your description:

  1. Users can shop from all shops and their order will be put in ones hopping basket. Only one payment process.

Query: The user will shop from the store or from the app, if from the store then how the user will get the purchase details in the app?

  1. Users can leave their credit card details and pay directly from within the app without having to input them all the time

Query: Which payment method are you planning to implement in this, as per my suggestions the PayPal/Stripe would be best.

  1. When being in a restaurant the user can order directly from the app and also pay directly the bill. Leave reviews. The restaurant can have customer infos such as when he visited last time, what he likes to order etc. (see wisely.com 3)

Query: How will the restuarent admin will get the location of the user or we can say identity, for this we can implement iBeacons on the table so that the admin can differentiate the orders based on the table IDs.

How are you planning to manage the store side interface, will there be any application or desktop dashboard app for them to signup and login or you will be creating their accounts using super admin panel?

  1. interact with friends

Query: Will there be any social media application kind of scenario like the user can find the nearby friends and can send them connection request?

Will the users be able to chat with each other?

Do you need AI implementation as well to suggest nearby best stores/restaurants/friends etc?

Please let me know when can we connect over a call to discuss it more details, I am in IST timezone and would be available as per your comfort.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Wishes,
Ashish Agrawal
Canopus Infosystems Pvt Ltd