Need help to show nearby user


I want to make an android loyalty application with beacon for my final project in university. I need to show and get the data of nearby customer in the beacon range just like in the loyalty app template in estimote (

I’m very beginner and need your advice.


That template is no longer available I’m afraid :cry:

You can get the Notification template to see how to show a notification to a user when in range of a beacon. And then adapt the code to do the rest of the things you want to do.

Also check out our Developer Portal, especially the Proximity guides:

They should help you build an app that receives triggers in range of beacons, and understand some of the technology in the process.

And if you have any specific questions, just ask here (:

Thank you for your reply :smile:

So can I use the proximity to get the data of everyone (especially the name and photo of the person) in the beacon’s range, and show it in android recycler view?

The beacon/our SDK doesn’t know by itself about who’s in range. The way this usually works, is:

  1. The user inputs the name and photo into the app. Think, a “registration” process, like when you sign up for Facebook. This is something you need to code/build yourself.
  2. Then, you make the app detect proximity to beacons, and our SDK will let you know when the app is in range of a beacon, and which beacon is that. This is provided by our SDK.
  3. In your app, you combine the two things together (you know which user is currently logged in, and you know where they are), and execute whatever it is you want—e.g., increase their loyalty points. This part is also something you need to code/build yourself.

Ok, I’ll try that.

Thanks for the advice