Loyalty App Template (iPad App) can't detect incoming customer: Waiting Day#7

Refer to my previous question. I’m stuck with iPad App (“LoyaltyStore”) It can’t detect incoming customer. the iBead have been retrieved from Firebase for 3 of them as this screen but I not’t sure why it not work.


So disappointed with supporting from Estimote. At beginning I was very exciting to show this solution to customer on this week. Now this opportunity is gone. I paid $849 for app template with some bugs, lack of instruction from Estimote. I will keep post until they fix it and do as they said on this advertising.

"You’ll get source code you can customize to your needs, and a short instruction on how to set everything up—which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Support, and free updates with minor changes and improvements are also included."

Hi Piotr,
Thank you for helping me to solve this issue but I have further question. Please check your mail box.

Subscribing this topic as I’m also curious if it’s worth it to buy the app template…
Hope it’s resolved soon

Currently, They only provide iOS swift source code and there is no source code for Android. In really life we can’t force end-user using on iPhone. Hope they can provide Android source code as well and update their source code to preventing issues that I got.

i planned to buy and adapt this sample for android. Is it possible that you send us the corrected issues code for IOS.

Hey all—first and foremost, thanks a ton @panya32 for reporting the problems and patiently troubleshooting with me, really appreciate your help!

No need to source the fixes from @panya32 (: We fixed them immediately in the master Loyalty template, so if you generate one for yourself right now, it’ll already come with the fixes applied.

@heypiotr ,

i have the same problem as @panya32.
The iPad App will not show any customers nearby.