I need some one to develop the app and the CMS for big project - long term deal

I would like to send introduce here all the things came to mind and I which I took from the customers, I have a good target Customers which they are Competiting each other like anything, and they are searching for a solution to find out the bellow points, if we can provide them the Complete solution you can say we guaranteed win them all
They are working in the decoration and colors analytics shops , and what they need is:

Visitors vs Returners data: but any visitor entered to the shop we should get the bellow data : in easy good way
o Name

o Gender

o Type : we can add the types later and bellow some example

§ Individuals

§ Families

§ Painters

§ And more.

o Mobile number

   We should know the locations visited by each customer, suppose the showroom having multiple sections, which section is the trend, which is the most visits, which is least visit. 

· using product analyzing : if the customer came near to the specific product, through the application he can know the prices, the colors, technical data sheet , video, pictures and he can download them .

· Now if the customer checking one of the products (using estimate stickers Tech for example), and he is checking some colors by clicking on it , all of that I need it to be recorded , means, in the end I need in the dashboard analysis or report showing which colors for which product the customers viewing mostly . Please tell me of you got this point, this is the most important feature I can win the leads after that.

· Welcome message - and exit message with offer .
· The Bluetooth will open automatically with the application, no need to ask them that.

· Application can be flexible and ready for any changes to improve the work as per the requirements.
· Each customer can log in to his own dashboard to see the reports and data analytics and he can export any of them.

· Can be register using social media accounts .

· one dashboard can analyze multiple showrooms or venues together and separately, means the report can has a filter criteria to select the showroom, region or all. .

· Promotions, coupons, Birthday Gifts, promoting by the customer most visit items
If we can reach that level of service we can do the magic for the customers

thank you …

Hello Mahmoud,

I found that your request exactly in terms of our expertise and interests.

I do have developed the native apps with beacons for different business cases as follows. Most of these use the Estimote SDK, however I have already created couple of full beacon management systems and customized SDKs for different development needs that can work with almost any beacons.

Following are some of the apps: All of these following apps has the custom beacon management web admin panel as well to manage beacons, notifications, trigger contents as well as beacon analytics data.

Restaurant App:

Consumer Side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6j98gdzx0p7kf7d/Customer.mp4?dl=0
Vendor Side: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0glphemedfxf44/Vendor.mp4?dl=0

Museum App:

Beacon & content Management:

It would be great if we can schedule a call and discuss further on your requirements.

Looking forward to connecting soon.

Gaurav Goyal

Thank you Mr. Gaurav Goyal
I will check your examples , put in your mind that i need the thing in both android and IOS platform .
using all the ibeacons and eddy-stone technologies to track the customers transactions more than the eCommerce technology , my target is marketing purposes .

i will see the links you sent and directly i will reply to you

thank you soo much .

Hi Mahmoud,

Thanks for your swift reply.

I am excited to tell you that we are a team of expert and experienced data scientists, programmers, software engineers, architects and product managers who gets involved in the end to end research, analysis, designs, planning, development, testing and deployment of various software products.

Yeah sure , for customer traction we can do cusomized beacon analytics this way you can check complete stats of activities aroud the beacon.

You can catch me at

Looking forward to connecting soon.

Gaurav Goyal

Hi Gaurav ,
I saw the restaurant app you sent me it is wonderful and clear, the other app give message that (this application is not working in your country) No problem .
but what i need to see is the points which i made in my main quote, please answer each of them if it’s available, ,if you have any ready projects .

thank you dear …

Hello Mahmoud,

My name is Kate and I am the Business Development Manager at IT Craft https://itechcraft.com.

You have described a really great application. We have a relevant experience in such types of applications.Therefore, we hope that we will be able to collaborate with you and meet your expectations.

What we can offer for you:

  • full-cycle development process;
  • dedicated team;
  • strong technical skills;
  • relevant experience in mobile development.

We have experience in the development of the application that works with the sales and advertisements in the big malls. Usually, most of them are connected to beacons integration and communication with the server side. That combination of technologies provides great advantages:

  • flexibility - you can configure content by your own
  • extendibility - new features can be easily added
  • maintainability - our team can provide 24/7 server support

We suggest that we arrange a Skype call with you & our technical expert to clarify some points and then we will proceed with our evaluation process to prepare an accurate proposal.

What do you think of it?

If it sounds good please leave us your request here https://itechcraft.com/contact or send me by email to ekaterina.bulavina@itechcraft.com.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Kateryna,

I’m Dominika, Head of Reseller & Partner Programs.
I’d be happy to discuss the partnership opportunities with you.
Please reach out to me at dominika@estimote.com to schedule the call sometime next week.



Dear Dominika,

Thank you for your interest. I just sent you an email.

Look forward to talking to you!

Best regards,