Location problem and always "outside location"

Hi Estimote - Team,

I’m trying to get the Unity Indoor Test Scene on GitHub to work, but when I build the project to my Android phone, start the app and step into my beacon setup, it always says “outside location”.
(I changed no code, except adding the appID, appToken and location ID as described in the docs)

I had a problem setting up a proper location and upload it to the estimote cloud, maybe causing this issue.

I followed the instructions, setting up a location with the iOS Indoor Location app. I placed the recommended amount of beacons at the recommended positions and got the app to create an Indoor Location in the locations tab in the estimote cloud. But the Location is located over 180 km away from the room I placed my beacons and did my location generation with the app :smiley: I had to google this place cause it is somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

I tried changing the location in the cloud by editing beacons geolocation and create a new Location and assign this location to each beacon in the cloud. When I try to update the beacons data by launching the estimote app and go to configuration and link to each beacon while being in close range, the location in the cloud will reset back to the strange other far away location… assign any other sort of setting to my beacons, like setting names or enable/ disable something does work fine this way, except the geolocation…

Could this be the problem makeing the locationManager not noticing me steping inside the beacon setup? Because he thinks I am 180 km away from the beacon indoor location? :smiley:

Thank you very much for helping me out!
I’d love to get your product to work in Unity and demonstrate some smart usecases at my university.

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The geo-location issue is a problem, but it shouldn’t affect Indoor.

Does it work in the Estimote Indoor Location iOS app? Can you share the logs from Android Studio? (They’re on the “run” tab once you start the app.)