Indoor App doesn't work

I just updated all. my beacons to firmware 4.13.x and hoped that the indoor demo app mught just work this time but no luck.

I cann create a new location, scan all 4 beacons that hang on the wall as requested by the app…and after waiting a (looong) while the beacons are supposed to do their thing I always get an error…

why is it failing? what am I doing wrong?
The app says I should be in the center of the room, which I am…and the setup app can talk to all 4 beacons without problems, even send the firmware…so…what’s wrong???

Oh well…I guess I might just stop writing since noone of the support team will answer just as last time.

Has anyone ever had any luck with estimotes indoor location app/sdk??? Is this stuff really working?

Me too, I have the same problem. I can’t create the Location. I updated the firmware, but didn’t change anything.

I gave up and created the location by hand. The only way I can make indoor tracking work. And as always Estimote gives a fuck about it’s customers.

We developed an interface to create location calling the API… The support didn’t response.

I gave up on the apps and cloud alltogether. Just using the cloud for changing settings on the beacons, that seems to work reliably…but besides that I create my locations in code.

hi guys, i have the same problem with you. do you have soluted this problem?i‘am chinese,thank you very much!