Issue with recognizing beacons

Hi - We are using Estimote iOS SDK, with ESTMonitoringManagerDelegate. We give monitoring for the beacon we have using the identifier. We tried using below.

monitoringManager.startMonitoring(forIdentifier: “beaconID”, in: .near)


monitoringManager.startDefaultMonitoring(forIdentifier: “beaconID”)

We have the monitoring start in AppDelegate - didFinishLaunchingWithOptions.

But once the app starts, it takes a long time to get the monitors going, even though we have our phones right close to the beacons. Sometimes, it does not recognize it at all. But when we use the Estimate app from the AppStore, it instantly shows up the beacons. So am wondering where are we going wrong?

We have multiple beacons and we have multiple monitoring manager created in the code, to handle the same. I have location turned on.

Can someone guide us on how to get the device recognize immediately? I read that the beacons typically send signals every few seconds only. Is there anyway, to control it for the time period the app is running?

Pls let me know if you need more details. Thanks.