Issue with ESTBeaconManager:setupAppID:andAppToken

May there is something wrong with what I'm finding, but it looks like in order to "connect" to a beacon, you have to first authenticate via:

[ESTBeaconManager setupAppID:@"..." andAppToken:@"..."]

When I do this, then the beacon's proximity, name and some other information becomes available ( otherwise, everything is nil ).

The problem I'm seeing is that if you're logged into while you are trying to [beacon connect], it never fully connects. The only way I was able to connect to it is to actually "logout" of the portal.

Oh, Thank you for your tip.
I had a same situation that I tried to [beacon connect] and [beacon writeProximityUUID: completion:] but I can not get anything about that.

I accepted your tip to connect fully my beacon. I got a Error message (code=410), trying to change beacon's UUID but It's good to see connected state.

Hey there—are you still seeing the 410 error when trying to change beacon's UUID?