Problems with UUID (or with ESTCloudManager)!

Hallo to all.
I’m new in this forum. I started by few days to develop with Estimate Starter Kit.
I Have personalized the UUID and Minor and Maior of a Beacon to start with some test.
I would to like to get “my beacon” between the others.
For to do this I thought that the best way is to do this:

Login into the Cloud

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
     [ESTCloudManager setupAppID:@"XXX" andAppToken:@"XXXXX"];
     [ESTCloudManager enableMonitoringAnalytics:false];

Create an utility object:

utility = [[ESTUtilityManager alloc] init];
    _utility.delegate = self;
    [_utility startEstimoteBeaconDiscovery];

And in the delegate make this:

- (void) utilityManager:(ESTUtilityManager *)manager didDiscoverBeacons:(NSArray *)beacons {
    NSLog(@"In utility");
    if ([beacons count] != 0) {
        id beacon = [beacons objectAtIndex:0];
        if ([beacon isKindOfClass:[ESTBluetoothBeacon class]]) {
            _beacon = [beacons objectAtIndex:0];
            NSString *macAddress = _beacon.macAddress;
            _beaconConnection = [[ESTBeaconConnection alloc] initWithMacAddress:macAddress delegate:self startImmediately:true];
            [_beaconConnection startConnection];

And last in the beaconDidSucceed delegate I make this:

- (void) beaconConnectionDidSucceed:(ESTBeaconConnection *)connection {
    NSLog(@"UUID Found: %@ | UUID searched: %@",[_beaconConnection.proximityUUID UUIDString], [_beaconUUID UUIDString]);
    if ([[_beaconConnection.proximityUUID UUIDString] isEqualToString:[_beaconUUID UUIDString]])
        NSLog(@"UTILITY Maior: %@, Minor: %@",_beacon.major,_beacon.minor, );

The problem is that I receive the error: Error Domain=com.estimote Code=2 “Authorization failed for this beacon.” in the

- (void)beaconConnection:(ESTBeaconConnection *)connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error {

Obviously in the Cloud portal I’ve set the appId and retrieved the appToken properly.

Thanks in advance

Hey there, welcome to the community! :wave: :smiley:

The “Authorization failed …” usually means you’re trying to connect to a beacon you’re not the owner of. In your didDiscoverBeacons, can you make sure that the MAC address is that of one of your beacons? Can you see your beacons on the list in the Estimote Cloud web dashboard?

Hi and then you very much for your reply!
So, I’m using this to get Mac Address:


But effectively I’m getting this value: d734193000b7!!!
I think that I need a conversion… right?!? :flushed:

Nah, this looks okay, the SDK uses the all-lowercase, no colons in between format for the MAC addresses.

In fact…
Do you have a fast code to convert that string into a Mac address format?!?! :smile: :wink:

…thanks a lot!

No… still not working!!!

Now I have a perfect Mac Address: F7:47:04:A4:69:D7 that I can see into my Cloud Manager too, but I still receive the

Error Domain=com.estimote Code=2 "Authorization failed for this beacon." 

error…Any idea on the causes?!?

At the end my goal is to retrieve the proximityUUID starting from a found beacon macAddress!!!

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough :sweat:, the “d734193000b7” is actually the correct format to use—the “not authorized” error is not because of that.

Can you log into the Estimote Cloud and double check that you have a beacon with MAC address “d734193000b7” on the list of your beacons?

Hi… Sorry for delay!
In my cloud panel I see this:

So I thought that I had to use the format that I used in the code above!

Now is more clear?!?x

Ok I’ve resolved (Sorry… I authorize you to delete me from this forum!!! :persevere:)

I’ve finally noted that the Name of the App (on the Cloud) is different from AppID… the AppID is all lowercase!

I apologize for to have abused of your time and thank you very much for your support!!!


Don’t worry, we’re just glad you managed to solve your problem. We’re not deleting anyone! :blush: