Is it suitable to use beacons close together (approx 1 meter apart)


I’m looking into developing an App which requires Beacons to be approx 1 meter apart on a wall, yet the device needs to know which beacon it’s closer to in order to trigger an action.

Are Estimote Beacons (And/Or Stickers) suitable for this task? And does any one have any Examples or Videos that can show off this close range usage?

What settings would I need to tweak in order to have this working at it’s most optimal and fastest?


  • Greg

If you reduce the broadcasting power to the minimum, or close to the minimum, (and potentially add some basic averaging / noise filtering) this should be feasible, you just check which beacon’s signal is stronger. You might also want to reduce advertising interval for more data points—by default, beacons broadcast every 1 second, stickers every 2.5 seconds.

You can use the “Proximity Content for Multiple Beacons” template from Estimote Cloud to quickly and easily test/prototype this scenario: