Proximity in Javascript


My goal is to make a html5 application with javascript that makes use of the iBeacons. To start off I have downloaded and tried the example “relaxation-beacons” from the Evothings website.

This app works as it should, but the problem is, that when I want the application to trigger an event(show another page in the case of the relaxation example) when the proximity is “near”, it keeps on switching between the three beacons, they are located ± 6 meters from each other.

My question now is, is there any possibility to stop the beacons from overlapping each other?


Try to decrease Broadcasting Power in your beacons (the range of beacons will be smaller). You can do that with our Estimote iOS&Android app.
Cheers! :smile:


I have done this, but the beacons still keep on overlapping, even when I set it on the lowest power. Any ideas what other options there are to be able to use the near-proximity?


Are you guys going to reply to him? I can’t get any sort of real help on this forum either, the applications are in a broken state. You cannot accomplish almost anything that the guides tell you to do. So what is this? A money grab?