IOS Deployment app unable to detect beacons

I am currently attempting to change the major and minor values of some of my beacons. I was able to set them up in the estimote cloud and get the changes pending message. However when I open up the deployment app to update them it does not find any beacons when they are scanned for. The estimote IOS app is able to detect the beacons.

Is there another step I am missing in order to have the deployment app find the beacons?


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Also having this issue!

Hi! What’s the hardware revision of your beacons? Deployment app isn’t compatible, unfortunately, with the first-generation Proximity Beacons (hardware revision D3.4). You’ll need to use iOS or Android app to update the settings of those beacons if this is the case.

I am having this same issue when using the iOS SDK 4.26. The Estimote iOS sees beacons, but the SDK can not find them. I have hardware revision F3.3.

Is there a document describing hardware revisions?