Cannot actually deploy changes to beacons on iOS

I have three of the original beacons, and I’m trying to change the iBeacon power on one.

If I use the Estimote app on iOS, it hard-crashes to Springboard when I tap on a beacon in the device list.

If I change the settings in Estimote Cloud, it tells me to “connect to them with theEstimote iOS App” (that missing space is as displayed on the website, BTW). On downloading the deployment app, it scans for beacons and then doesn’t find any!

So how do I deploy changes to these things? (Please don’t suggest simply buying new beacons — these are expensive devices, and I would expect a longer life out of these than I’ve had!)

Update: I remembered I had an old Android tablet lying around, and was able to install the Estimote app on that and make the changes. But why does the iOS app crash on connecting to a beacon? And why does the new Deployment app not see my beacons?

And thanks, Discourse, for not allowing me to simply edit this into my original post…

Hi there!

I’m sorry to hear about this isssue. We’re working on fixing the app as soon as possible, so could you tell me, which iOS version you’re using, and your device version?
This will help us find a cause of this crashing.

Thanks — I’m running iOS 14.2 (though the problem still existed with iOS 13, if I remember correctly) on an iPhone 7+.

Thank you so much for this information. I will add this info to our bug report and come back to you as soon as we fix it.