Problem firmware update and settings update


We are working on a presence control application based on your Beacons. We have a problem making changes to the Beacons configuration. We want to activate secure monitoring of the Beacons.

We entered the Estimote cloud and made the configuration changes. Then we enter with the application for iOS called Deployment. As you can see from the attached screenshots, the application detects that there is an unapplied change and, supposedly, applies it.

If we go out and access Estimote Cloud again it keeps showing that there are pending changes that have not been applied.

Is this a known bug? How can we apply the configuration changes to the Beacons? On the other hand, the Deployment application tells us to update the firmware of the Beacons, but every time we try, we get an error.

We would appreciate it if you could help us with these problems. Greetings.