Interaction with other manufacturers iBeacons


I happened to have my Android test app running near an iBeacon from another manufacturer and noted that it did not show up in the scan results.

In the log, I see the following

06-04 23:03:19.306: D/BluetoothAdapter(19009): onScanResult() - Device=00:07:80:78:D8:AE RSSI=-77
06-04 23:03:19.316: V/EstimoteSDK(19009): com.estimote.sdk.service.BeaconService$InternalLeScanCallback.onLeScan:493 Device 00:07:80:78:D8:AE is not an Estimote beacon

My question is if this is an intentional feature of the Estimote SDK or is it a bug?

Hey Alan—the Estimote SDK works with and discovers only Estimote Beacons.