Urgent: why are my Estimote beacons not recognised in Android?


Tomorrow we have a major event. At this event we have some beacons, and we have developed an iOS and Android app.

On iOS everything works fine. Last Friday the app also worked in Android, but today it is not working anymore.

Our Android device is a Huawei Ascend Y530.
On that device we have installed the Estimote app, and when we use this app, our beacons don’t show up (in iOS they show up). Last Friday they did.
When we open our custom application, and I enable Estimate logging, I seed in the LogCat that the SDK prints out that our beacons aren’t Estimote beacons, but they are.

How can we resolve this issue. It is very urgent!

Kind regards,

Hi Dimitri,

I saw that Jacek from our Community Team already answered you via email. If you have any other questions let us know.

Try our SDK for estimote ibeacons https://github.com/iternoxsl/Piggate-Android-SDK, we have three examples ;)