Indoor location tracking server


I am trying to make some kind of Server on which it is possible to see the position of several people in a building using the Estimote indoor location SDK.

The main idea is that every smartphone would send its indoor location coordinates to a central server at a regular interval. It would then be possible to track people from a webbrowser.

I have 2 questions regarding this:
Is it possible to draw or export the map using the exported JSON to view on a desktop browser?

What kind of server technology do you recommend to do this? I am very familiar with PHP but there might be other, more suitable solutions i don’t know of.

Best regards

Interesting idea!

At this time, we don’t heavy any web SDK that’d draw the map of the location for you, but you can take the JSON file and try to draw it yourself.

As for the server technology, it’s usually best to go with whatever’s familiar for you (: In case of real-time indoor positioning via the web browser, it might be a good idea to look for something that makes it easy to utilize websockets to stream the coordinates from the mobile app to the server. I can see PHP has some libraries to do that, so you should be all set:

Thank you for the information!

However, am I correct saying that it is not possible to make the app send the users location from the background? If that is true, it is kinda useless to make a LIVE webview of users location.

Is there any documentation on the exact format of the JSON file that could help me in drawing the location myself?