Creating web indoor location application

Hello all I am looking to make an application like the location system, is there any kind of SDK for that?

Hi Tim!

We haven’t added this to our Indoor SDK and Cloud API yet. We have been working on some other nice things!
We want to understand better how our developers would want to use it, do you want to share what you’re trying to build?:smile:

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I have created one I have set up Raspberry Pi’s and was able to trilateral the Beacons but due to the inconsistency in the RSSI and the upward curve at < 10 meters I ended up scrapping the project. But I can help others if you would like, my code is in node.js and .net I have made a website that tracks movement of beacons and displays them on a map on the website. If you don’t mind Raspberry Pi’s every 10 meters it works great.

Contact me at

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