Indoor location json in the cloud?

Hello. I want to know if i can access a location code snippet made with my phone from the estimote cloud, since i cannot send an email from this or any other phone.

Not yet, I’m afraid.

You could however use the Estimote Indoor Location SDK ( to fetch your location from the cloud and export it to JSON yourself.

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Ok, thank you. Can you tell me if this feature will be implemented in the future?

Hi @heypiotr,
I want to export my location.json file but I am not able to do that, the link you provided is not working. please provide a valid link to fetch location details.

I fixed the link—it was pointing to “ESTIndoorLocationManager”, and in Indoor SDK 2.0, we changed the prefix to “EIL”, so now it’s “EILIndoorLocationManager”.

You can also take a look at our Indoor Location tutorial:

HI @heypiotr,

Thank you.

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Hi @heypiotr,

I am trying to make a heat-map using indoor sdk so far everything is doing good, but now my problem is, I am not able to get the x and y co-ordinates (from estimote indoor location update method) when app is in background.Can you please help me.

Sadly, Indoor Location currently requires the app to be running, and in the foreground, to deliver location updates.

Hi @jofinGeorge

I am trying to construct a heat map after fetching information and location map from my estimote cloud. Could you give me some insight about this? EILBuilder has a jsonparse func which insists on building a location even though I have one fetched from estimote. Did you use MapKit or something else? I am trying to keep everything in swift files

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.