Indoor location supporting multi room

I need to develop a multi-room scenario using Indoor Location SDK for iOS.

Can you provide a code sample for this please…

  • Shows a map with multiple rooms and corridors between them
  • Provides indoor location across all of these rooms seamlessly without having to start manual ranging/monitoring when moving between rooms.


The best way to achieve that is to map the entire multi-room floor plan as a single location, including the corridors. You can do that with the Location Builder API:

Would you suggest each room in the buildling is mapped as a separate LocationBoundary?

Does the Indoor SDK and Map Viewer work ok if the room is not completely enclosed? What is there an entrance without a door leaving in to the corrider? Can it still support this?

The link doesn’t really mention how to manage finding the location in a room of rooms. A sample piece of code would be really helpful…assume the best way is still monitoring and then using Indoor SDK?

I’d like to understand the limitations before I code it all up.

Also how far is it until you fully support this in your SDK properly?


It should work just fine! Here’s an example from our own office:

We have two spaces with a little hallway in between.

Once you have a location mapped, you can use the Indoor app to note down the x’s and y’s—e.g., here you can see that the door to the “right” office space is around 24 and 13, so everything right of that (i.e., with bigger x’s) will be the "right office space. etc. etc.

Ok, I see. That looks cool. Its still one big room really then, rather than many rooms, separate by doors.

So, in terms of indoor location, you still treat it as a (big) single room?

What is the status of the SDK supporting true multi rooms? When is this likely to be released?

What if you have this setup? Two rooms with two openings (doors)? Can you draw the internal wall, which is just a line essentially?


…and if you walk close to the internal wall, is the Indoor Location SDK clever enough to know you can’t walk through the wall if the accuracy is +/- 2m?

What settings have the white beacons? (advertising interval and transmit power)

In my indoor location project I always used transmit power: -20 dBm and adv. interval: 1050ms.
And each beacon is ~4m away from another.
Is it ok?

The one and only acceptable settings for Indoor Location are: +4 dBm and interval 200 ms or less (:

We’re actually not that sure yet if the “multiple rooms” is any better than “map the entire floor”. Your thoughts and feedback in that matter will be much appreciated!

As for the setup you’ve shown, yup, that one is currently tricky, as we don’t have any mechanism in place to draw and account for internal walls. A little workaround would be to map it like that:

+-----+ +-----+
|     | |     |
|     +-+     |
|             |
|             |

… but that only solves the top and the bottom sections, not the middle one.

So another idea is to forego the internal walls for now—you can always draw the missing walls just for the presentation purposes, or overlay a floor plan on the map like we did with our office. You’re right, this means that it’s possible that the algorithm will place somebody on the wrong side of the wall/in the wrong room, and that’s something we hope to address in the future by adding proper support for internal walls.

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it is amazing it still works.

However, it include too many estimotes for this 2-room case, is it possible to reduce the number? Say there is a non-rectangle room, and there is a corner where phone cannot access to 3 estimote at the same time, will it still work and what is the solution?


Thank you for providing the code to make indoor positioning system to find location in multi room.