Mapping an University Library using Indoor Location

I understand that a minimum of 4 beacons can be used to map out an indoor location and use it as a navigational GPS.

How would I map out a whole library , also I see the indoor SDK has only the borders mapped out with no info on the interior aspects. Is there any way I can convert an existing map of indoor location ( a library) and then apply Indoor SDK.

Also 4 beacons work for a room of what dimensions at most?

Hi Shiram,

It is not yet possible to use Indoor Location SDK with an existing floor plan. We see people asking about it, so this is definitely on the roadmap, but right now if you want to use the IL SDK you can either map a room using the in-app calibration process or build the location in the SDK itself. To achieve best results, we recommend the latter, because the mapping process doesn't rely on iPhone's sesnors if you just draw the map yourself.

The dimensions of the room depend on the room environment: how many people are usually using the room, what are the walls made of, are there many obstacles for the signal to bounce off or be absorbed by? So it's best to just test yourself in the actual venue. To avoid spotty signal reception you should probably avoid distances between beacons to be longer than 10-15m, but it's a very rough estimate. As mentioned, it depends on a number of factors.