Indoor Location SDK alternative for Android


I’m using my beacons to pinpoint the location of the user and, accdg to my research, trilateration is the suggested alternative of Indoor SDK. But according to blogs I’ve read and questions on this forum, trilateration is not that accurate. Are there any alternatives or work arounds that are more accurate than trilateration? Or do you have any suggestions to make trilateration more accurate, like using more beacons?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you tell us what kind of user experience or app you want to build, maybe we’ll be able to suggest some good implementation ideas, alternative to Indoor or trilateration (:


I want to build an app which helps the user to navigate inside any building (e.g. malls, airports). I want the app to show the user’s path while walking to guide him to his desired location, kinda like Google Map’s navigation feature but indoors.


Hi @heypiotr. Any suggestions on this? :slight_smile:

Hi, We are also have same kind of requirement for Android, could you suggest the best approach to meet the above requirement.

@heypiotr I need suggestions too , do you have any suggestions ?