Indoor location in very big areas


We have a big project that we need to locate up to 20 devices in a place with the area of 105m x 68m

It is possible to use Estimote Indoor for an area of this size? If yes, how many beacons will we need? Will be necessary to place beacons on the middle of this area or only in the corners?


Yup! We have some of our bigger customers using Indoor in museum halls and supermarket spaces (:

And yes, this usually requires to put the beacons not just on the perimeter, but also inside the space. The exact amount of beacons depends on what accuracy you want to get, how the space is laid out, etc. @Marcin_Mycek, our beacons deployment expert can help with that, so you might want to message him directly (:

A very rough estimate from my side would be: assuming you want 5 m accuracy, for 105x68 m that’d be about 100 beacons. (5 m accuracy here means, the user can be up to 5 m away from where Indoor Location places it—think, the “blue circle” in Google Maps that’s 5 m in radius)