Indoor asset tracking


I’m currently looking into developing asset tracking application. i’ve looked into this

my question is how does the sticker asset tracking actually works. i mean does the sticker send its xy coordinate to the beacon then a android device pull the info from cloud? Can i directly pull the location from the stickers instead of cloud?

One more thing can i know the minum sticker size and is it posible for us to request a small sticker

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The way this worked is, you send a “command” to Location Beacons over mesh from a smartphone app to start scanning for Stickers for a few seconds. When they’re done, they propagate the scan results back to the smartphone app, e.g., “green sticker was seen near the yellow Location Beacon, and the blue sticker near the red Location Beacon”.

This was our first attempt for an asset-tracking solution, but today, it’s mostly superseded by a slightly different approach involving our new, programmable LTE Beacon.

The way that works is, the LTE Beacons scan for beacons/stickers, and report results directly to Estimote Cloud over LTE. This completely eliminates the need for the smartphone and the mesh networks.

You can pre-order the LTE Beacons dev kit (they should be shipping Soon™), and a dev kit of Proximity Beacons to use as “assets”, both available on, and give it a try yourself. We’ll be publishing LTE Beacon documentation and example code/micro-apps before we start shipping, so you can keep your eye on that as well.

And, you can always shoot us an email to, and we can chat more about your project, which beacons/tech is best for it, etc.

A basic function of asset tracking relies on being able to assign a unique identification number to each item you need to keep track of objects. Once your items are scanned tagged and in your system, you can scan a barcode at any time and be able to access all of the identification information associated with that asset.