Indoor location for equipment

I need to know if estimote solves this problem. We need to track equipment as it moves through the facility. So there will not be anyone using an app to be near it, but rather, I assume we need to place beacons around the facility and a beacon of some sort on the equipment. What exactly is needed to make this work, or is this not a scenario supported by estimote.

That’s a task for our brand-new LTE Beacon! (:

You could put standard Proximity Beacons on the equipment, and LTE Beacon in any points of interest, and the LTE Beacon can detect Proximity Beacons coming into and out of range, and notify Estimote Cloud.

So tell me exactly what to buy to do a pilot so i can demonstrate this to a client. To map facility i need 4 at least right?


Andrew Lindzon

You need as many Proximity Beacons as you plan to have assets. And as many LTE Beacons as you plan to have “points of interest”, i.e., areas where you want to know your assets are. (for example, “Delivery Ramp”, “Processing”, “Warehouse A”, etc.) We call this a “zone-based asset tracking”, because it tracks when the assets arrive/leave the areas covered by the LTE Beacons. We don’t currently have a precise (x,y) asset tracking.

Proximity Beacons come in dev kits of 4 beacons per dev kit. LTE Beacons come in dev kits of 2. LTE Beacons are still in pre-orders though, we’re a bit behind our manufacturing schedule, so I don’t know at this time when new pre-orders would ship.

You can also reach out to our team at for a custom-tailored proof-of-concept/pilot package. These usually include beacons (including our LTE Beacon prototypes, which—unlike the dev kits—are available right away), software licenses, and support.

Can proximity beacons also have custom eddystone uid?


Andrew Lindzon

Indoor tracking is the popular technology between the peoples, if estimote solve issues then we easily track the object.