Inaccuracy of indoor localization in iOS

I have tried to use the iOS indoor SDK, and used the standard way to build a self location, (with dimension and orientation), add beacon on walls for a small room.

However it’s still very inaccurate, here is a photo, we had 10 beacons in one 5m * 5m room and the trace is shown as we walk clockwise align the walls. we had some doubts and after confirmation the problem shouldn’t belong to any of these:
0. wrong type of beacons (we bought latest location beacons)

  1. wrong placement of beacons
  2. short broadcasting range (actually we set all of them to be 100m)
  3. short battery life (we used beacons only for 1 month but the battert still have 1 year left)
  4. I dunno

Thanks a lot for the time and hope to get from you :slight_smile:

That definitely looks way worse than we’d expect!

Could you message me your Estimote Account email? I’ll double-check the configuration of your beacons.

Are all beacons placed on the walls, at the same height?

What iOS device and iOS version are you testing with? I also assume you’re on the latest version of the Indoor SDK?

Sure, thank you a lot for the reply!

Yup there are all on the walls with same height, and we use latest iOS 10 on iphone 7, and we use swift3. And I guess I am using the latest version of indoor SDK? I follow the tutorial and directly usu cocoapods to implement Indoor SDK.

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Ha, thanks for sharing about the Message button—turns out private-messages were disabled for new users, I changed that (:

I checked the beacon configs and they look all right.

Could you try if the “Indoor Light” mode gives better results?