Low Accuracy using Indoor SDK

Hi everyone,

I’m using 8 Estimote beacons to map a 29 square meter room as the next figure shows. I’ve read on this forum that for a room of 20 square meters using 4 beacons, is possible to obtain an accuracy of 1m.

However, when running the following code:

func indoorLocationManager(manager: EILIndoorLocationManager!,
    didUpdatePosition position: EILOrientedPoint!,
    withAccuracy positionAccuracy: EILPositionAccuracy,
    inLocation location: EILLocation!) {
        var accuracy: String!
        switch positionAccuracy {
        case .VeryHigh: accuracy = "+/- 1.00m"
        case .High:     accuracy = "+/- 1.62m"
        case .Medium:   accuracy = "+/- 2.62m"
        case .Low:      accuracy = "+/- 4.24m"
        case .VeryLow:  accuracy = "+/- ? :-("
        default: ""
        print(String(format: "x: %5.2f, y: %5.2f, orientation: %3.0f, accuracy: %@",
            position.x, position.y, position.orientation, accuracy))

positionAccuracy is Medium, so I’m getting +/- 2.62m of accuracy. Can you understand why?
I have no obstacles around and all beacons are positioned at 1,60m above the ground.

Thank you!

Hi pmaroco!

What EILIndoorLocationManagerMode are you using?

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I’m using Normal Mode, but I solved the problem! I was using an iPad Mini and apparently Normal Mode is not compatible with this device. I’ve switched to an Iphone 6 and I’m getting 1m of accuracy!

Thank you !

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I also have the same problem, only getting 2.62m of accuracy. Before the updates 2.1.0 and 2.2.0, I was using 2.0.1 version which reported me 1.00m of accuracy.

Plus, it sucessfuly displayed the orientation. After the update, the orientation of the avatar is fixed and the reported orientation is always 0.

Did rollback to 2.0.1 version again to check, everything started working again.

So why did the magnetometer stopped reporting the orientation in this latest update?

I’m having all these problems either using Light or Normal mode.

Are you sure you’re testing in Normal mode?

Light mode doesn’t provide orientation, and provides max 2.62 accuracy, which would indicate you’re actually using the Light mode. What device are you testing with? If that device doesn’t support Normal mode, the SDK will automatically switch you to the Light mode. (Which was introduced in 2.1.0, further reinforcing this hypothesis.)

I was using 2.2.0 version with Light mode, as the Normal mode is not supported in the iPad mini.

Did rollback to 2.0.1, which provided me orientation and reasonable accuracy in the iPad. Unfortunately 2.2.0 seems like a downgrade for me.

Thank you

In order to be clear, which devices support Normal Mode?

Thank you.

iPhone 5 and later (:

Excluding all iPads, right? It’s just to be sure! :wink:

Never too sure! :wink:

Correct, iPads and iPods will automatically switch to Indoor Light.

What project do you have in mind for Indoor Location?

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