Ibeacon proximity triggers

i'm trying to figure out how can I display a custom ViewController in storyboard when I code the if CLProximityFar case.XXXXX

what I need to write or learn to trigger that to show custom views that I made in storyboard with an image,text, when CLProxmity Far/Near/Imm.

in storyboard view I need to IB them what I coded right? and when I code the if CLProximityNear self.nameofIB but how can I implement them, was searching estimote's SDK,and other tutorials out on google but cant learn hope someone can tell anything and i will search and learn from it, thanks advance


I'm glad you asked this question.

To achieve what you need, we should split the problem into two parts.

The first part is UIViewController / IB management what you should learn from iOS Platform development basics ,that you can find in the internet.

The second part is Estimote SDK integration. You should start with demo apps that are part of SDK GitHub repo. They are showing how to work with monitoring and ranging of the beacons.

In general you should have detection logic separated from the VC that your are going to use to display different informations.

I hope I cleared it out for you. Should you have any other questions, please get back to me.